Teenage Hacker Creates Undetectable Backdoor in Minutes Announces Terra Privacy LLC

Consumers are spending billions on security that doesn't even stop high school kids, let alone cybercriminals.

Terra Privacy LLC documented the speed and ease in which anyone can make undetectable trojans using off-the-shelf software.  The company filmed a high school student making a trojan that was undetectable to all antivirus – including Norton and BitDefender.  The teen built the undetectable malware in two minutes, using less than $50 in publicly available software.

The video entitled “Teen’s Two-Minute Trojan” can be viewed at TerraPrivacy.com.

“The antivirus industry portrays its products as having near 100% effectiveness, and it promotes the myth that it takes nation states or sophisticated hackers to bypass antivirus.  As the video shows, nothing could be further from the truth,” says Michael Wood of Terra Privacy LLC.

The second part of the video shows how the undetectable trojan does against TTC NetSwitch, Terra Privacy LLC’s anti-hacker product.  TTC NetSwitch fully blocked the trojan while maintaining all bona fide internet connections.  Only the trojan was blocked.

TTC NetSwitch is a revolutionary, new product that actually keeps hackers out – even when antivirus and traditional firewalls fail,” says Wood.​